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For years I have had an irritant on every version of LR on many different computers. I’m a landscape shooter and almost always have to adjust my horizon in post. When I put the mouse on the rotate slider, I expect to see that grid show so I can level the horizon. But often it doesn’t show. I can’t figure out the setting to make sure it show 100% of the time in Develop when I’m using the rotate slider in the transform module.

The grid shows randomly. It does and then it doesn’t and this has happened for years.

I want it to display instantly when I hit that rotate slider with the mouse. It is my most used tool in LR because like most landscape shooters I know, they never get the horizon perfect in the EVF.

And yes, of course I have the leveler and grid turned on in my GFX and Leica cameras. That’s a given.

I know there is a simple answer and I should already know it but I don’t, even after using LR every day for ten years!

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