Feature Summary : Lightroom (June 2022 release)

Edit your videos in Lightroom

Editing videos just got easier! You can now trim and apply edits to video clips using the same editing sliders and presets as photos, including the Video: Creative Premium Preset which contains presets optimized for videos. 

To trim or edit your videos in Lightroom, follow the steps below:

  1. Click ( ) icon on the left to bring up My Photos panel.In My Photos panel, click Add Photos to import a video or choose the album that contains the video you want to edit. 
  2. In the Detail view, select the video that you want to edit. 
    Video editing in LightroomVideo editing in Lightroom
  3. To bring up the Edit panel in Detail view, click () icon at the upper-right corner. You can now expand/collapse the panels to access edit controls organized under─ProfileLightColorEffects. These edit controls are explained in detail below. Note:Editing controls like DetailOptics, and Geometry are not available for video editing.
  4. You can also trim and rotate videos using the Trim & Rotate panel. Note:Rotate & Flip options are currently unavailable in Lightroom for iOS.
  5. In the Edit panel, click () icon at the upper-right corner to add Presets & Profiles. You can choose from various available presets and also select Video Presets in the Preset panel. To add a Profile, select from a limited subset of profiles available for videos.
  6. Once done, you can export the video with your edit settings.

Quickly invert masks in the Masking panel

Lightroom now lets you invert mask groups in the Masking panel. To invert masks, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a photo in the Loupe view and click on the Masking panel.
  2. Use one of the following Masking tools to make selections: Select SubjectUse this tool to automatically select a person, animal, or thing in a photo.  Select SkyThis tool automatically detects the sky in a photo. BrushClick and drag the Brush tool over the areas you want to edit. Specify the brush SizeFeatherFlow, and DensityLinear GradientClick and drag the tool over the areas you want to edit. This tool is useful to edit a large portion of a photo to create a softer transition.  Radial GradientThis tool helps you make local adjustments inside or outside an oval shape. Use the Feather slider to determine how soft you want the adjustments to be.
     Color RangeUse this tool to accurately select a color in your photo that you want to edit.
     Luminance RangeSelect a point or area in a photo to make precise adjustments to specific brightness levels.  Depth RangeUse this tool to select areas based on their distance from the camera. This tool is enabled only for photos containing depth information.
  3. To invert a mask, click the three-dot icon beside the Mask.
    group-invert-masksGroup invert Masks in Lightroom for desktop.
  4. Click Invert Mask
  5. You can also select Duplicate and Invert masks to create an inverse copy in the masks panel.

Enhanced support for Presets

Easily adjust preset intensity in photos

New in Lightroom desktop and mobile

The Preset Amount slider gives you added control over your edits by allowing you to adjust the intensity of the preset you have applied. To use the slider, follow these steps:

  1. Open a photo in Lightroom to edit. 
  2. From the Presets panel, open a preset category and apply a preset.
  3. Use the Amount slider to adjust the intensity of the preset. You can start from 0 and go up to 200.

    Preset Amount Slider
    Use the Preset Amount slider to adjust the intensity of the selected preset.

Adaptive presets

New in Lightroom desktop

Backed by Artificial Intelligence, you can now apply different effects to different parts of the photo with just a click using Adaptive Presets. To apply Adaptive Presets, do the following:

  1. Open a photo in Lightroom to edit. 
  2. From the Presets panel, select Adaptive:Sky or Adaptive:Subject preset category from Premium presets.

    Preset Amount Slider

    Adaptive Presets
  3. Use the Amount slider to adjust the intensity of the preset. You can start from 0 and go up to 200.

Community Search & Filter

You can now search for tutorials, editing guides, fellow photographers, and more in the Lightroom in-app community using the new search and filter tools. Select LibraryDiscover or Learn tabs to look for specific topics in the search bar. 

Search options in Discover tab
Search options in Discover tab

Use the filter icon to filter:

Community Filter option in Lightroom desktop.
Community Filter option in Lightroom desktop.

Only show remixables

Turn on this toggle if you wish to see only those photos that you can try to edit. 

Preset downloadable

Turn on this toggle if you want to see presets from community that can be downloaded.

Subject Matter

Use the drop-down menu to select the Subject Matter topic of your choice. 

Edit photos from other photographers and allow them to edit yours

Learn from fellow photographers and help them get inspired by you! The Remix tab in Lightroom lets you see photos shared by fellow photographers in the in-app community, get inspired, and edit them.

Remix tab in Lightroom for mobile (iOS).
Remix tab in Lightroom for mobile (Android).
  1. In the Discover panel, tap Remix.
  2. To edit a photo, tap the photo to open it or tap the Remix icon below the photo you want to edit. Once open, tap the remix icon to begin editing.
  3. Select the photo to edit in these formats:
    • Original Edit 
    • As shot
  4. Add your edits, tap  icon iconicon, add your Remix comment, and tap  .
  5. If you wish to let other photographers edit your photo, tap Share to discover and turn on the Enable Remixing toggle.

Quickly correct red eye in your photos.

The Auto correct red eyes tool in the Healing panel automatically corrects red eye from photos using machine learning. Use this tool to accomplish your editing goals faster and with more precision. 

You can do the following to correct red eye in a photo:

  • Click the Healing icon in the right hand toolbar and click the red eye icon.
  • Click the Auto Correct option to automatically detect and correct red eye in a photo.
  • Alternatively, you can also click on the Red eye icon and click and drag from the center of the eye for manual correction.
Red Eye tool in Lightroom desktop
Red Eye tool in Lightroom desktop

Other Enhancements

Apply Select Subject and Sky masks via batch paste

New in Lightroom desktop

You can now apply Select Subject and Select Sky masks to multiple photos with just a click. To apply presets to multiple photos, see Batch Edit.

Local Storage Preferences 

New in Lightroom desktop and mobile

Lightroom now intelligently manages your photos for you, so that your photos don’t fill up your hard drive space. This allows you to have space available and work on the photos important to you, even if there is not enough room on your hard drive for all of your photos. You can always view all of your photos in Lightroom, even if the original file is not stored on your hard drive.

Compare View

New in Lightroom desktop

Lightroom for desktop now lets you compare images side by side. In Compare view, you can add or remove photos, SwapFlag, and Rate.

Compare view in Lightroom
Compare view in Lightroom

New Crop Overlays

New in Lightroom desktop

With this release of Lightroom, two new crop overlays are available – Fifths and Triangle.

Crop Overlays
New Crop Overlays

New Premium Presets 

New in Lightroom desktop and mobile

Following new packs of Premium Presets are now available in Lightroom, designed to help you achieve your creative vision quickly:

  • Portrait: Black & White
  • Portrait: Group
  • Portrait: Edgy
  • Subject: Concerts
  • Video: Creative

Support for new languages 

With this release. support for the following languages have been added:

Lightroom desktop: Norwegian and Polish

Lightroom for mobile: Hindi and Norwegian

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